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Introduction To Recruitment

Surviving the most difficult market in a decade? Good news.

At a time when many recruitment agencies are suffering, indeed, some are genuinely in fear of their survival; Euronet is bucking the trend by thriving and facing the future with great confidence.

Recently the company has achieved a 45% reduction in operating costs an increase in the numbers and quality of the back office team and a new, flexible way of working which greatly enhances the quality of life and earning potential of each of Euronet's Consultants.

Shena Parthab BSc is the Principal Consultant of Euronet the Huntingdon based agency, and one of the drivers behind the new approach. Shena, as readers of the café might recall, had in 2002 described her new working practice as a part of the Career Navigator Recruitment Network - in effect she had logged on to the site in the morning from the terrace in the Nice Marina to pick up her messages from Saudi Arabia, dealt with the business - CV's, jobs and interviews - passed the data to the Resource Centre, gone off to have a walk at St. Martin Vesubie, returned in the afternoon to log on and process the work ready for the client back in KSA and then gone on to dinner in Antibes!

It appears that two decisions have made possible all of the above. .

In May 2001 Euronet decided to outsource its back office services. It approached Global Back Office (GBOPS); a Channel Islands based operation which specialises in high added value outsourcing especially to its operation centre in India. Working closely with Shena, GBOPS the GBOPS Business and Systems Analysts re-engineered the recruitment process, redesigned the data base, migrated the data and web enabled the process, the MIS and recruitment support.

Shena then worked with GBOPS to recruit and train her dedicated back office team, all graduates.

The result was that Euronet now had the best qualified and most highly motivated back office resource it had ever been able to recruit, and hold. That team was trained to provide more and better support to Shena and her fellow Consultants enabling them to better look after clients and candidates alike. By this we do not mean a simple call centre, the Euronet team was and is continuously trained and encouraged to develop - so as to offer high value support to consultants by undertaking tasks ever higher up the value chain. In effect, Euronet was able - and could afford - to "throw resources" in support of Consultants (and the subject matter experts who work with them) enabling them to do "only" those things that only they can do.

In addition to those benefits the new, web enabled system also made possible a flexibility and new way of working which some recruiters have previously only been able to dream about - in fact Shena's Nice Marina and Antibes example became the norm and the possibility of a new way of life became available to all those Consultants who could meet the strict quality standards. In effect the www became a WAN for the Euronet and GBOPS teams.

Issues of quality, security, ethics and compliance are all always under close scrutiny within the recruitment industry - and it is an important feature of the GBOPS process that it allows data to remain on the server of the originating company so that participating agencies and consultants need have no fear of losing either their identity or their ownership.

The future is therefore, looking bright for GBOPS and Euronet - the former because there appears to be no shortage of agencies that want to cut costs and enhance resources whilst Euronet, for its part, is able to "punch above its weight" in the global market as result these innovative approaches which have proved themselves over two of the most difficult years recruitment has experienced in a decade.

Also, other ideas are emerging to make good use the synergies and common ground that the GBOPS approach is facilitating between agencies and between consultants. More later.

Brian Holt, Editor, the café:

For more information please contact Ms Shena Parthab: or visit www.thecafé.gg