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The “Personal Assistant” from GBOPS -

It is said that after a death in the family, a divorce or moving house, changing jobs is the most stressful task that affects human beings.

Given that that is probably true, it makes even more strange that we manage our job search the way most of us currently do! In most cases the only time we think about our CV is when we think about changing our job. Then having rushed a CV together we bang it out to agencies, job boards, employers, friends, contacts et al. We also reply, often along with thousands of other applicants, to job advertisements.

In practice, we have become habituated to setting up short term relationships with little or no, mutual commitment working with an industry that is reputed to be low on ethics and short on efficiency to help us manage on of the most important and stressful activities we will ever undertake!

Moreover, that same short terms spills over also to the employer who has little time to spend on your particular CV and who has no duty of care to you or your family. Similarly with agencies. We asked, "how is it possible to represent an applicant with an employer on any kind of professional basis when you have only a limited knowledge of that person - their ambitions, career directions, skills"?

The key change that affects you in the Career Navigator HR network is the option of your own Personal Assistant to work with you, to support and advise you and to be your partner for employment and training throughout your career. That is, in turn, matched by developing new processes, systems and services for the employer.

Your PA is there to be with you from "clearing your mind" before setting out on a new career direction to deciding your direction, from preparing your CV to job search and client interview; helping you access all the facilities, ideas and people you need to help you when, where and how you need them. In fact your Personal Assistant is there to help you manage your career advisor in much the same way as you might have a personal fitness trainer.

When it comes to changing a job, an interim assignment, a contract or a project - we want you to be as free as is possible to get on with your life - leaving our experts to manage the search process for you.

With the help of GBOPS and thecafe we will make our services to you as easy and effective as we can and take from you as much of the work as we reasonably can, leaving you to do those bits that only you can do. (In fact we try to do for you that which we do for employers - protect their time so as to free them up for the real decision-making). Of course not everyone can, at first, qualify for the Personal Assistant but for those who do we would like to know your views on how the PA should be structured and what specifics would you most like to be included. Areas. To help us get it right for you we invite you tell us of your interest in the following and also to give us any additional suggestions that you might have.

  1. Career Change, finding a job, contract or project
    1. Developing a CV

The Career Navigator process is web based and is generally regarded as one on the most complete and effective career development guides available on the market today. With you Personal Navigator (part of the PA) guide you can be helped through clearing your mind to choosing your direction, developing your CV and finding your next job, contract or project.

    1. Lifetime CV

Your PA will work with you throughout your career to build, store and maintain your CV throughout your career for as long as you choose.

    1. Registering your lifetime CV

Your PA will maintain a record of those sites, companies, professional bodies etc here you want your CV to be registered when you want it registered and make sure that it happens.

    1. CV distribution

Your PA will send out and distribute your CV where you want it done when you want it done in support of any job applications you wish to make.

    1. Opportunity alert

Your PA will work with you to set up a profile of the jobs and companies you would be interested in knowing about and send you a personal alert to a forthcoming opportunity that matches your profile.

    1. On-line career change management and monitoring

Our old friend career Navigator and your Personal Navigator again – take a look, we think you will be impressed

    1. Interview and offer management

Often job search goes wrong at the last stages – interview, offer negotiation and contracts – your PA will have access to the advice and support you need before and throughout these stages. Pro-active and helpful if you need it, when you need it most.

  1. Career Development and training
    1. Your personal “Navigator”

Suggest you visit the Career Navigator process to learn for yourself what a powerful resource is on hand to help and support you, especially during change.

    1. The Career Navigator on-line development programme

“see above”. What more can I tell you?

    1. Research and analysis – training opportunities, remuneration and benefits, and jobs

One of the most valued teams in the GBOPS stable is the one with the guys who manage knowledge, do research and come up with analysis – if you are nice to your PA he, or she, will no doubt be able to put these research resources behind you whilst you ;look at training and the companies and organisation that might have the very opportunity you are looking for.

    1. Skills profiling the companies you would like to work for

Again be nice to your Pa and get the Research team on your side.

    1. HR policy and practice

GBOPS and our sponsors have placed the expertise and experience of qualified HR specialists who can be accessed through your PA to help and advise you through all the complications of employment conditions and law, contracts, HR process, compliance and remuneration and benefits

  1. Secretarial
    1. e-mail management

Our people have become acclimated to having their e-mails protected and sorted ready for their access so as to save time and to avoid all the stress of spam and virus’s etc.

    1. data-storage and management

Build your own personal data bases that are protected and web enabled so that your PA can help you build and maintain the information you want about all aspects of your career and development.

  1. Social and diary
    1. Anniversary and important event reminders including training modules, professional registrations etc

Not just when job hunting but most of the year we all risk death and destruction – or worse – when we fail to remember important dates – training modules, drug tests, registrations as well as little social things like the birthdays and anniversaries of those who are near and dear to us but who do not realise how busy we are when we forget …..

  1. The café
    1. Personalising your copy

Set up the café so that it reminds you when topics of particular interest arise and otherwise looks as you would like it to look

    1. Thecafé society - great deals travel, holidays, cars, health and other stuff

From finding tickets and flights to bookings and theatre to advice and discounts on cars and “stuff” your PA will work with the café to make sure that you get where you want to be at the best option for you.

Your Personal Assistant from GBOPS – sponsored by (Career Navigator, Euronet, the cafe,