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Creativity is a habit

How often have you heard a friend or colleague say:" I haven't the talent for that - or I haven't the gift".

This is the oldest excuse for inactivity and failure known to man. It is contradicted by abundant evidence that nearly everyone can develop creativity - if they set about it the right way.

The clearest path to a creative future is the practice of innovation - every day. Practice in this case is the deliberate forming of 'creative habits': this means breaking the habits of the past. By trying to do ordinary things in a different way we open out selves to new possibilities. The start points are simple: getting up at a different time every workday morning, listening to an unfamiliar radio programme as we prepare for the day, finding a new route to work, going out of our way to increase our circle of friends and acquaintances. We all are the prisoners of out habits and creativity is stifled by routine.

It is not easy to do ordinary things differently. It will involve some inconvenience. The route we take to the office is probably the shortest or the quickest. If we decide to go another way the journey will probably take longer. But the essential part of the habit breaking is the release of creative energy which comes from doing even simple things in a new way.