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Environmental Pollution


Physical Environmental Pollution, like that of three essentials of life like air, water, food), there is non-physical aspect also leading to inner pollution like loss of peace of mind, emotional disturbances, stress related diseases, greed, anger, lust, ego, etc , which affect requirement and consumption of goods, team spirit satisfaction, happiness, balanced growth and progress. Read More

Ideal Environment

An ideal environment at least consists of clean life supporting systems, like air, water, food, shelter for protection against adverse weather and for security of life and properly. Ideal EnvironmentRead More

Causes And Effects Of pollution

There are. various sources of environmental pollution, such as vehicles, industries, pesticides, deforestation, etc. These include air pollution by vehicles and industries, water pollution by industrial waste and residential sewage, soil pollution by dumping of garbage, radiation pollution by leakage from nuclear plants, noise pollution by vehicles in heavily populated areas, or by supersonic air jets and heavy engineering units. Causes And Effects Of  pollutionRead More

Mental Pollution - Its Effects And Remedies

A human being is a soul in a physical body. The soul and body arc distinctly different and separate from each oilier The physical body is made up five gross including 11 it' In am. The soul is a non-material, extremely subtle entity having various faculties, namely MIND, INTELLECT and RESOLVES. The soul in the body. is responsible for all thought processes. Mental Pollution - Its Effects And RemediesRead More