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Carma Sutra

When Jilly Cooper was amongst the most desirable young things of our age? No? Well you should! She wrote one of the most influential articles of my teens that, I think, was entitled 'Carma sutra' in which she reported on the best car in which 'to do it'. Read More

In India you need a sense of humour and, patience

We were to spend a weekend in the Golf Hotel and Resort in Naldera high up in the foothills of the Himalayas. Actually we were on a quest; Madam remembered a particular view of the mountains all above 20,000 ft - one of those sights which once experienced you never forget. I greatly doubt that they have moved. So, where are they? Read More

Vista's and wonders

On the shaded side of the mountain the dawn kind of insinuates itself, creeping sinuously around the line of the mountain, through the immense trees which thickly line the hillside, waking you gently as its warmth and light enter your brain as gently as a whisper Read More