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More from our friends Lynne and David at who continue their waterborne adventures this heading for the Honda Formula 4-Stroke Grand Prix of Scotland this time based on the romantic Island of Bute – or it would be romantic if you could see through the rain and the mist. Lynne told our Editor


At 4am Thursday we are off to the most northern parts of the British Isles where the language get more indecipherable the more north our journeys take us.

We will pass through counties of indescribable terrain that can quite take your breath away. Although the altitude is low it could be the lack of fresh air & car fumes that make our breathing come in short ragged pants!

Shrouded in grey mists; we know this Isle exists as people have spoken of its beauty in times gone past. Will the mists clear that mysteriously encompasses the Isle or will our view from the brick square building yet again be grey, dank and blurred"

“The Honda Formula 4-Stroke Grand Prix of Scotland: May 29-30 2004 

The newly-released timetable for the Scottish Powerboat Grand Prix confirms Largs as the place to be next bank holiday weekend, with parachute displays, aerobatics, jet-ski races, a Clyde 1 radio road show and a full Phoenix Honda car display as support acts to the four exciting Honda Formula 4-Stroke powerboat races.

The action-packed weekend opens at 1030 on Saturday 29 May with the first of three jet-ski slaloms, located just off Largs Promenade.  Competitors from all over Scotland and the UK will be competing on jet skis ranging from 90hp - 200hp, some capable of hitting speeds of 70mph.  Competitors will also be showing off their freestyle skills with some daring displays for the benefit of spectators.

The jet skis will be followed by the first Honda Formula 4-Stroke race of the weekend, round three of the world's largest offshore powerboat series, the 150hp championship.  No less then sixteen of these identical 55mph racers will cross the start line at 1145 for what will be an exciting and unpredictable race.  Spectators will be perfectly positioned to watch every twist and turn as the course runs tight into the shore with the tricky chicane positioned directly in front of the event village. The action then moves to the air as the Honda Power of Dreams stunt plane performs some heart-stopping aerobatics at 1300.  The plane, an awesome, rarely seen Sukhoi SU26, represents the cutting edge of aerobatic aircraft design and the pilot is an expert in extreme gyroscopic tumbling maneuvers. 

At 1345, the 225hp Honda Formula 4-Stroke fleet, a beautiful 70mph race class that consistently showcases powerboat racing at its most competitive, will take to the seas for round three of its 2004 championship. The action continues on land as the Honda Racing village, which stretches the length of Largs Promenade, features the Clyde 1 Boogie Bus, which will be playing music and games and offering giveaways throughout the weekend. The promenade will also host a full display of Honda cars, courtesy of Phoenix Honda, alongside a Honda Formula 3 racing car, motorcycles, ATVs and outboard engines.

Spectators on Sunday will be treated to round four of the Honda Formula 4-Stroke 150hp and 225hp championships, the final round of the jet-ski slalom and a spectacular freefall display from the Parachute Regiment team, the Red Devils.  The Red Devils will dive into Largs Bay from an altitude of up to 10,000 feet, maneuvering themselves into formation mid-freefall.>

Their repertoire also includes the highly dangerous skill of diamond tracking - creating diamond patterns in the sky with smoke - elevating the team to one of only two teams worldwide capable of performing this spectacle.

"Anyone who attended the 2003 Scottish Powerboat Grand Prix in Largs will have already noted this year's date in the diary,"comments Martin Sanders, General Manager, Power Equipment, Honda (UK).  "I think the timetable speaks volumes to those who don't yet have plans for the bank holiday weekend.  See you there!"

A media day where members of the press can meet Honda Formula 4-Stroke competitors and go out in the race boats over the Grand Prix course will be held on Thursday 25 May.


Saturday 29 May 2004

1030:              Jet-ski slalom

1145:              Honda Formula 4-Stroke 150hp race

1300:              Honda Power of Dreams stunt plane display

1345:              Honda Formula 4-Stroke 225hp race

1430:              Jet-ski slalom

All day:            Honda product display, Clyde 1 Boogie Bus

Sunday 30 May 2004

1030:              Jet-ski slalom

1200:              Honda Formula 4-Stroke 150hp race

1300:              Red Devils Parachute Freefall Parachute Display

1330:              Honda Formula 4-Stroke 225hp race

1630:              Prize giving at Honda Racing motor home

All day:           Honda product display, Clyde 1 Boogie Bus, RNLI open day

Well its sounds like a great day but what will happen? Will our intrepid sailors manage to snatch defeat from the jaws of mystery,will there be triumph and champagne or limp excuses – “we wuz robbed!?” Given the interest in this perhaps thecafe should appoint a reporter to follow these glamorous people from one event to other?